Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vallejo Police and Mayor are killing and abusing families of victims of Police violence and murder

2012-101-18 analysis by La Mesha Irizarry of the "Idriss-Stelley Foundation", a non-profit advocating against systematic police violence and extra-judicial executions of innocent people:
In the early morning hours of September 2, 2012 Mario Romero was brutally killed by the Vallejo Police Department as he and his brother-in-law sat in front of their home on their way to return to their wives and children however before they were able to leave their car they were sprayed with bullets by blood thirsty police officers on a mission to seek and destroy.
The Vallejo Police Officers admit they Never identified themselves, Never asked for Driver's License, Insurance or registration. Instead they were told to raise their hands at the same time they were fired upon with brutal force that mirrored the actions of the Nazi's.
Round after round was reloaded into the clip as witness screamed for the officers to spare the lives of these two innocent men who police continued to spray their car with bullets living out a scene from a video game , Jumping upon the hood of the car of the men who they were supposedly threatened by two innocent unarmed men that they intended to kill not hurt but kill.
The community of Vallejo is outraged by the excessive force that has been used on the citizens of Vallejo California and all of the coincidences in the stories.
They have attempted to paint this man as a drug dealing gangster with ties to a neighborhood that he had just moved into in an attempt to smoke screen a murder that they committed.
They stole his body from the scene of the crime and have held it hostage from his loved ones.
They have intimidated the San Francisco Bay Area media by telling them not to cover the rallies on the front porch of the Vallejo Police Department filled with hundreds of saddened citizens in fear of their safety.
they have not allowed the mother of Mario Romero to see the body of her brutally murdered child.
The retiring head of the sheriff's department has considered this murder as minimal and has left this tragedy on the list of to do's for his unavailable assistant while this mother has been deprived of identifying the body of her son.
The Police chief has been unavailable to answer questions from the family and community but has been conveniently available for the media while the family was disallowed. As they cried out for justice for two days straight on the porch of the Vallejo Police Department, Police Public Relations Officer Mr. Basset eased out of the back door of the Police department and into his car to be with his family.
The Mayor of the city has been unavailable to speak to the family but has been available to speak to the media . The mother of this slain man was shooed away as she broke down and cried inside of Mayor Osby Davis' Office... Mr. Davis has taken an extended Vacation and will not be returning until the end of next week and no assistant is available.
Mr. Bassett has justified the actions of his subordinates but has failed to provide the video footage that supports his officers actions.
Meanwhile in a city not far away a CHP officer was gunned down and the tape to the patrol car was made immediately available and all involved parties were named. This has not been the case in Vallejo California where there have been 5 police killings so far this year.
The computers and internet of all parties standing up for justice for Mario Romero have been hacked denying access to media outlets, The family home where the slain man lived has been revisited by the Vallejo Police Department but not to offer condolences.
It has been revisited by officers shinning the same bright lights minus the guns that they shinned into the windows that very night that Mario Romero was Brutally murdered, windows dow,n laughing taunts about him deserving to die.
In an attempt to intimidate and silence the family from seeking justice for injustice.
We are all human and deserve to be treated the same. Somehow the Vallejo California Police Department does not agree.
They believe that it is okay to profile, Bully and intimidate the citizens of Vallejo California because they don't believe that anyone cares.
this is plea for everyone to take notice of the continued tragedy that is going on in Vallejo California. We want justice for Mario Romero and all of the citizens of Vallejo California who have been murdered and harassed by the Vallejo Police Department. "something has to be done immediately!
this could be you or your loved one.
It is imperative that the word gets out about the the corrupt actions that have been accepted by the officials.
Please repost and share with you family friends and community

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