Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Case Files: Vallejo Police Officer Dustin Brent Joseph


Cyndi Mitchell, sister of Mario Romero, writes:
‎3 years and 355 days, before my brother was murdered the city of Vallejo knew they had a monster terrorizing our city.
A monster who would kidnap a little boy inside of a patrol car, against his parents will for throwing a tantrum over crayons,
This monster would then take this horrified child to the same hospital where my brothers bullet filled body was hidden after being stolen from the scene of the crime that this monster had created and placed on a 5150 hold then transferred to another hospital and treated without parental consent, as well as held hostage for days while two parents were mortified and child is traumatized to know that they would be betrayed by the people who are paid to serve and protect our city and they would be content with kidnapping a 5year old boy for crying over crayons.
This monster is Dustin Brent Joseph and he should have been off of the force a long time before he Pulled a gun out and pointed into the face of a 4 year old child and long before he murdered my brother Mario Romero.
A demon sees no innocence because he is to busy trying to suck everyone down into the gutter where his soul lies......
No Justice..No Peace... We will not sleep until justice is achieved!