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2012-10-11 "Vallejo Cop Watch Town Hall meeting: Brush up on your civil rights" []: We got a press release this morning from Vallejo Cop Watch, letting us know that another Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for tonight. We talked to Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr this morning and he says that there will be representatives from the National Network in Action, the Oscar Grant Foundation as well as Vallejo Cop Watch. He says that residents attending tonight's workshop will learn about their civil rights not only if they are the victim of police harassment or brutality. They will also learn about what their rights are when they observe such actions. Additionally, Harris says that folks will get tips about filing complaints with the Vallejo Police Department. Vallejo Cop Watch has created a blog where you can follow media coverage and other activities related to the organization.

2012-10-02, 9pm (pacific time), The Rev. Floyd Harris interview on "Keeping It Real" radio with Dr. Jean Kennedy []. They'll talk about the fascism in Vallejo, their unaccountable police force, the murder of her cousin, the search for justice, and more! "Justice for Guy Jarreau!" "Justice for Mario Romero and Joseph Johnson!" "Justice for Jared!"

2012-09-27 "Justice for Guy Jarreau!" interview with Dr.G. on the Northbay Uprising radio news, (Thursdays 5 to 6pm, KZCT 89.5 FM in the northeast San Pablo bay area):
NOTE: the first minute is chopped off. an advertisement is placed at the beginning. the man seen in the video is Ozcat Radio DJ Doug the Jitterbug. []
Dr.G. interviews Bunnie, cousin to Guy Jarreau, jr. and a leader in the Civil Rights movement in Vallejo with "God First!", and organization founded by Guy Jarreau's mother which is working to seek justice for all victims of community fascism in Vallejo including People's Programs such as aid to the homeless. She updates us on the latest weapon in defense of the people... a CLASS ACTION lawsuit which will enable folks to seek justice on an equitable level by joining with the lawsuit their reality of murder and terrorism by the Police.

2012-09-21 Vallejo Copwatch on KPFA radio:
Rev. Harris was interviewed by Hard Knock Radio, hosted by Davey Dee (KPFA 94.1 FM in the Bay Area []) to talk about the recent brutal murder of Mr. Mario Romero by the Vallejo Police Department, and other street executions of community members.

2012-09-18 Vallejo Copwatch on KFCF radio:
Rev. Harris was interviewed by "Keeping it Real" with Dr. Jean Kennedy (KFCF 88.1FM in Fresno []), to talk about "The Vallejo Police Department - THE JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER!"
Part 1 []
Part 2 []

2012-09-16 "Copwatch instructs Vallejo citizens about their rights in dealing with police"  from "Vallejo Times-Herald" []

Vallejo Cop Watch presents "Know Your Rights" training and People's Picket []

2012-09-13 "Vallejo Cop Watch" established to protect community members []

An (in)complete list of Vallejo Police Misconduct/Excessive Force Incidents

Pertinent Information Regarding “Vallejo Police Outsourcing Report Writing”
An article entitled “Vallejo Police Outsource Report Writing” (Tuesday, September 29, 2009) stated the following:  “The Police Department is now using a transcription service based in Tennessee—(Nashville-McLintock Transcription and Consulting Services) to write up its police reports.  The reports are dictated into a digital audio file then sent via a secure connection to Nashville-McLintock, where retired law-enforcement officials write them up.”
 Note:  The Vallejo police officers DO NOT write their own police reports!  They are “outsourced!”  So, are the “outsourced” police reports a TRUE representation of what actually occurred the day of an incident?!?!?!?!
California Public Records Act (CPRA):
 Is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to public records of governmental bodies in California.  Statues 6250-6270 define the law.  In 1968, the Legislature enacted the CPRA ‘for the purpose of increasing freedom of information by giving the members of the public access to information in the possession of public agencies.’  Consistent with this purpose, the Legislature declared that “access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state.”  Since 2004, the California Constitution has confirmed the principle:  “The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business, and, therefore, the writings of public officials and agencies shall be open to public scrutiny.”
Officer Names Are Not Exempt Disclosure: 
 An officer’s name is typically not private and is available to the public when an officer wears a badge depicting his or her name or signs a police report.
Note:  Citizens of Vallejo can send the Vallejo Police Department a California Public Records Act (CPRA) Request, requesting the police report as well as the names of ALL police officers involved in the shooting death of their loved ones.  A sample letter can be found on the internet!

Police Misconduct/Excessive Force Incidents by the Vallejo Police:
·         Anton Barrett, Sr. (May 28, 2012)-shot and killed by a Vallejo police officer after allegedly running toward the officer with, what turned out to be, his black metal wallet.  The officer thought the object was a gun.  The officer fired, several times, mortally wounding Anton Barrett, Sr., although he tried to get up and was shocked with a stun gun after the shooting officer told other officers that he had a gun.

·         Peter Mestler (May 2012)-shot and killed by a Vallejo police officer after allegedly reaching into his jacket and pulling out a gun and refusing to drop it after police officers instructed him to do so.  The officer(s) opened fire.  Peter Mestler was allegedly armed with a BB gun.

·         Belle (11 year-old Labrador-DOG) (May 16, 2012)-shot, twice, in the head by Vallejo police officer, Chase Calhoun, who came to a family’s home, unannounced, to follow up on an identity theft report filed by the homeowner.  It was stated that Officer Calhoun checked for dogs before entering the fenced yard.  After seeing none, he entered through the gate and walked about 15 feet toward the porch.  Then, suddenly, two-medium-sized dogs came charging around the house from the backyard.  They were reportedly “lunging and snarling.”  Officer Calhoun tried to back up and get out of the yard, but both dogs closed the distance on him.  In defense, Officer Calhoun fired two rounds, killing the dog closest to him.  Calhoun, then, retreated out of the yard and called for backup.

·         Lonnel Duchine (April 15, 2011)-handcuffed and cited for recording, from his garage, four people being arrested near his home.  Officer Scott Yates approached him and asked for his cellphone, saying it was “evidence.”  After Duchine refused, he was handcuffed and issued a ticket for obstructing justice.

·         Michael Todd White (June 15, 2010)-It was reported that White had been involved in a minor dispute with a neighbor.  After a brief altercation, he retreated back to his home where he resided with his girlfriend.  The Vallejo Police Department responded to a call about the incident, with a full force of six police cruisers, followed by additional six or more cruisers plus motorcycle law enforcement personnel.  After entering the home and trapping White in the small bathroom of his trailer home, the Vallejo Police Department took the hinges off of his bathroom door and arrested him without incident.  A Code 4 call went out to dispatch alerting that the situation was under control.  However, after removing all residents from the home and handcuffing White, a disturbance took place and White was tasered several times.  A Code 3 call then went out to dispatch to send an ambulance.  The call to dispatch never occurred while arresting White leading many to believe White was tasered while handcuffed.  White was removed from the residence lifeless, dropped on a cement slab and then put on a gurney.  Although reports have White expiring at Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo, it is widely believed that his body was taken to Kaiser so a doctor could pronounce him dead on arrival and his body could be taken to the city morgue.

·         Ronar J. Inocencio (July 3, 2010)-Inocencio, 33, was in a group of 800 to 1,000 gathered in North Vallejo Community Park, celebrating Mac Dre Day around 9 p.m. when a man was robbed and shot.  Police arriving at the shooting scene saw Inocencio running away.  Officer Fabio Rodriguez chased Inocencio, who dropped a gun, picked it up and continued running.  Inocencio stopped, turned and pointed the gun at the officers.  He was shot twice and wounded.  Inocencio later pleaded no contest to felony assault on a peace officer and brandishing a firearm.

·         Dennis J. Merrida (December 30, 2009)-Minutes after a 3 p.m. armed robbery on Sheridan Street, Merrida, an ex-con and parolee, was spotted by Officer James Melville.  He matched the description of one of the robbers and was standing on a nearby street corner.  Melville saw a gun in Merrida’s hand.  It turned out to be a replica hand gun.  Merrida started to run away, but turned around and ran toward Melville.  Merrida raised his gun and Melville shot him once in the chest.  Merrida who was wounded still faces pending felony charges.  In February, he was declared mentally incompetent and was sent to a secured state mental hospital.

·         Kevin A. Trapps (June 13, 2005)-formally accused two police officers of assaulting him with excessive force after he checked on his teenage son, who had just been shocked with a police stun gun.  Kevin A. Trapps alleged that Vallejo police officers Dustin Joseph and Jeremy Huff “jumped me from behind” and Huff “kicked me and twisted my wrists to the point I thought he had broken them.”
more info []

·         Melvin Ainsworth (March 2005)-blindsided by Vallejo police officer Jeremie Patzer while he was walking, alone, across a bridge.  Police said the incident began with a call that a much younger man was dangling a baby over the bridge railing.  Ainsworth said he suffered a cracked rib and knee and wrist injuries.  He had a cut lip and a blackened eye and six stitches were required to close a gash along his eyebrow.  It was only later that Ainsworth learned from police that a caller had alerted the authorities, thinking he was about to jump or had a baby dangling over the edge of the bridge.  Jeremie Patzer, 31, apologized after tackling Ainsworth.

·         Andrew Washington (September 16, 2004)-shocked 17 times, in three minutes, with a Taser by Vallejo police because he fled after hitting a parked car.  Officers only stopped shocking him when they noticed he was having trouble breathing.  Washington, 21, a father of one, died after being transported to the hospital.

·         Marwin Prado (March 26, 1998)-Vallejo police responded to a call about a man behaving strangely, tearing up the kitchen and garage.  Marwin was found sitting on a curb allegedly with a .38 caliber gun in his pocket.  When he refused to obey orders, he was shot and killed.

·         Jeffrey Tharp (November 7, 1997)-Vallejo police responded to a call about domestic violence.  Jeffrey Tharp was shot and killed when he did not respond to police orders.  Police alleged that he was holding a gun.
Information on the Vallejo police officer who Murdered Guy Jarreau on Saturday, December 11, 2010·         Badge Number:  588.
·         When Guy Jarreau was MURDERED, Michael “Kent” Tribble was a 10-year veteran with the Vallejo Police Department.
·         On October 28, 2011, Michael “Kent” Tribble received the 12025 Award, which is the California Penal Code for possession of a concealed firearm, for making numerous firearms arrests.
·         Officer Kent Tribble was named, among others, in a lawsuit regarding excessive force/police misconduct (Eric Garfield Williams, Plaintiff, v. Sean Kenney, Et Al., Defendants).  The Plaintiff alleged that on July 15, 2006, he was stopped by Vallejo Police Officers Sean Kenney, Kent Tribble, Cpl. Botello and other unidentified officers.  Defendants used excessive force in handcuffing him and physically assaulted him.  Plaintiff further alleged that the officers took him to the hospital where they continued to harass and assault him.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


12 noon at the Vallejo PD HQ.
Those who are blind to equal justice are marching in support of the rash of murders being committed by the Vallejo Police Department, they are supporting the police in their actions at a time when we are saying enough is a enough, Please join us as we march against this foolish blindness and support of these killer cops These police deserve discipline and not encouragement to continue their corrupt activities
No Justice! No Peace! Justice for Mario Romero and all who have been killed unjustly by the Vallejo Police Department!

"United We Stand! Supporting the Mario Romero family. Rosemary Duenez family united with Oscar Grant family and other. These strong Mothers and families standing together."

photo album from community justice advocate Cephus Johnson (Uncle "Bobby" to Oscar Grant III, R.I.P.):

Vallejo CopWatch notes: These are the Vallejo Police officers who felt the need to take pictures of us as we protested against police brutality corruption and murder on 2/9/12 The vallejo Times herald has reported that these cops were positioned to show support to those who were protesting in support of the Police but they appeaar more fascinated with who we were and what we were doing, don't forget ther in full uniform , police car, ...being paid on a saturday to survey us , talk mess and laugh..... who authorized this misuse of funds

2013-02-09 "Double Rally at Vallejo PD" from "Vallejo Independent Bulletin" []:

2013-02-10 "Opposing rallies held at Vallejo Police Department"
by Irma Widjojo from "Vallejo Times-Herald" []:
It was a new twist on a familiar scene at the Vallejo Police Department, where two groups with opposing views on the police held rallies on Saturday.
Unlike prior demonstrations, those protesting the police stood across from the station, instead of at the steps. The steps were occupied by those holding signs in appreciation of Vallejo officers.
"We want to let people know that there's a venue for (those who support the police department)," organizer Sam Kurshan said.
Kurshan added that another such rally will be organized again in the future.
About 25 people held signs and a banner reading "Thank you Vallejo Police Department" outside the main headquarters' door.
Meanwhile, across the street, the opposing group of about 30 people was largely consisted of family members of Mario Romero and their supporters.
Romero was killed in an officer-involved shooting Sept. 2, in front of his home.
The family members have contested police allegations of Romero confronting the officers with what turned out to be a replica gun, and being in possession of Ecstacy.
In the latest demonstration, protesters chanted "No justice, no peace!" and held various signs demanding justice against police brutality.
The relatively peaceful Saturday rallies began at about noon, and lasted about an hour. While the two groups maintained their distance, at least a couple police protesters shouted from across the the street at those in support of the department.
"Thank you for what?" a protester shouted.
The shouts were met with no responses from those standing outside the front lobby.
At one point, Vallejo police Captain Ken Weaver was seen coming out of the station to shake hands with the those gathered in support of the department.

"Support Vallejo PD" rally
2013-02-08 "Support Vallejo police" letter by Sam Kurshan to the editor of the "Vallejo Times Herald"
It's time for the decent, law-abiding people of Vallejo to come out to show their support for our police. There will be a rally Saturday, Feb. 9, at noon, rain or shine, in front of the Vallejo Police Department at 111 Amador St. Please attend and let those who think otherwise know that we support our hard-working, heroic police. Please tell all of your friends, neighbors and family members so we can have the largest turnout in Vallejo history. I hope to see you there.
2013-02-12 "Cop support a success" letter by Sam Kurshan to the editor of the "Vallejo Times Herald"
I want to thank everyone who attended the police support rally on Saturday in front of the Vallejo Police Department.
It was a complete success. We assembled peacefully, orderly and silently. We displayed our banner and signs from noon until 1 p.m., and despite the vile jeers and taunts from the small anti-police group down the block and across the street, we did not respond to a single one or acknowledge their existence. A special thanks goes out to Irma Widojo and Chris Riley of the Times-Herald for covering the rally.
A Facebook page is being created to keep people informed of future support events, as well as a platform to express one's appreciation of our hard-working and heroic police.
An "Adopt a Cop" program is also being created -- individual members of the community can adopt a Vallejo police officer and check in with them on their well-being as a way to boost and maintain their morale.
Thank you and God Bless you!

A Profile of Sam Kurshan, Vallejo PD's best friend -
Wasn't sure if Sam would want such a lay-out of his criminal history, but this man chooses to be the VPD's cheerleader with the VPD's approval, and associations matter alot to VPD...

2012-10-24 "Kurshan under investigation for Perjury" posted at []:














 VCR202300 People vs. SAM KURSHAN DEFENDANT 06-MAR-2009

 Filing Date: Tuesday , December 16th, 2008
 Type: DV - Domestic Violence without kids

Case ID: VCR201098 - People vs. SAM KURSHAN
 Filing Date: Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
 Type: VB - Vallejo Pursuant 17(b) PC

 Case ID: VCR202300 - People vs. SAM KURSHAN
 Filing Date: Friday , March 06th, 2009
 Type: M5 - Vallejo Misdemeanor - Group A

Entry: 09-02992



Entry: JFM 03/09/09...KF

Entry: TO SO...KF

PEOPLE v. KURSHAN   138 Misc.2d 354 (1988)   The People of the State of New York, Plaintiff,   v.   Sam Kurshan, Defendant.   Civil Court of the City of New York, New York County.    January 5, 1988    Lori Cohen for defendant. Robert M. Morgenthau, District Attorney (Kevin Keating of counsel), for plaintiff.
[]: [ ... ] STATEMENT OF FACTS - The following findings of fact are made, for the purpose of this motion only, based upon the affidavits submitted to this court: On February 4, 1987, the defendant, Sam Kurshan, was arrested and charged with a violation of Penal Law § 240.30 (aggravated harassment). The charge stemmed from a dispute in which the defendant and his upstairs neighbor (the complainant) became embroiled in a continuing disagreement over the noise level emanating from the complainant's apartment. The defendant contended that the playing of musical instruments at what he termed inappropriate hours of the evening disturbed him. In that regard, the defendant sent three letters to the complainant and her husband. The letters were sent on December 2, 1986, December 10, 1986, and February 2, 1987. These letters were alleged by the complainant to have threatened her and her husband with bodily harm. [ ... ]

2012-07-15 "Sam Kurshans Political Race-Baiting" posted in the Vallejo Forum []:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Case Files: Vallejo Police Officer Dustin Brent Joseph


Cyndi Mitchell, sister of Mario Romero, writes:
‎3 years and 355 days, before my brother was murdered the city of Vallejo knew they had a monster terrorizing our city.
A monster who would kidnap a little boy inside of a patrol car, against his parents will for throwing a tantrum over crayons,
This monster would then take this horrified child to the same hospital where my brothers bullet filled body was hidden after being stolen from the scene of the crime that this monster had created and placed on a 5150 hold then transferred to another hospital and treated without parental consent, as well as held hostage for days while two parents were mortified and child is traumatized to know that they would be betrayed by the people who are paid to serve and protect our city and they would be content with kidnapping a 5year old boy for crying over crayons.
This monster is Dustin Brent Joseph and he should have been off of the force a long time before he Pulled a gun out and pointed into the face of a 4 year old child and long before he murdered my brother Mario Romero.
A demon sees no innocence because he is to busy trying to suck everyone down into the gutter where his soul lies......
No Justice..No Peace... We will not sleep until justice is achieved!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vallejo Police cover-up squad

message from C.M.: 
There's a whole lotta covering up going on in Solano County...  
VALLEJO POLICE DEPARTMENTS CODE BLUE PLEDGE " protect and hide any evidence from the scene of the crime... murder em... kill em and bag them up... then proceed with the cover up.  
Protect the badge holder at all times.  
Always bring guns and drugs to plant at the crime... this is the pledge that The Vallejo Police Department officers took on September 2, 2012 the night that they murdered Mario Romero.  
Squad car 136 is the cleanup man... telling evidence from the scene of the murder.  
How do you sleep at night mister clean up man? do you sleep?  
GOD said whats done in the dark will come to the light... these skeletons just keep falling out of the closet...  
hmm I wonder whats next?   


"MURDER OF MARIO ROMERO SOLANO COUNTY CORONER COVER UP. AGAIN!!!!" video upload 2012-09-19 to "" by "lexthin56" 

Vallejo Police and Mayor are killing and abusing families of victims of Police violence and murder

2012-101-18 analysis by La Mesha Irizarry of the "Idriss-Stelley Foundation", a non-profit advocating against systematic police violence and extra-judicial executions of innocent people:
In the early morning hours of September 2, 2012 Mario Romero was brutally killed by the Vallejo Police Department as he and his brother-in-law sat in front of their home on their way to return to their wives and children however before they were able to leave their car they were sprayed with bullets by blood thirsty police officers on a mission to seek and destroy.
The Vallejo Police Officers admit they Never identified themselves, Never asked for Driver's License, Insurance or registration. Instead they were told to raise their hands at the same time they were fired upon with brutal force that mirrored the actions of the Nazi's.
Round after round was reloaded into the clip as witness screamed for the officers to spare the lives of these two innocent men who police continued to spray their car with bullets living out a scene from a video game , Jumping upon the hood of the car of the men who they were supposedly threatened by two innocent unarmed men that they intended to kill not hurt but kill.
The community of Vallejo is outraged by the excessive force that has been used on the citizens of Vallejo California and all of the coincidences in the stories.
They have attempted to paint this man as a drug dealing gangster with ties to a neighborhood that he had just moved into in an attempt to smoke screen a murder that they committed.
They stole his body from the scene of the crime and have held it hostage from his loved ones.
They have intimidated the San Francisco Bay Area media by telling them not to cover the rallies on the front porch of the Vallejo Police Department filled with hundreds of saddened citizens in fear of their safety.
they have not allowed the mother of Mario Romero to see the body of her brutally murdered child.
The retiring head of the sheriff's department has considered this murder as minimal and has left this tragedy on the list of to do's for his unavailable assistant while this mother has been deprived of identifying the body of her son.
The Police chief has been unavailable to answer questions from the family and community but has been conveniently available for the media while the family was disallowed. As they cried out for justice for two days straight on the porch of the Vallejo Police Department, Police Public Relations Officer Mr. Basset eased out of the back door of the Police department and into his car to be with his family.
The Mayor of the city has been unavailable to speak to the family but has been available to speak to the media . The mother of this slain man was shooed away as she broke down and cried inside of Mayor Osby Davis' Office... Mr. Davis has taken an extended Vacation and will not be returning until the end of next week and no assistant is available.
Mr. Bassett has justified the actions of his subordinates but has failed to provide the video footage that supports his officers actions.
Meanwhile in a city not far away a CHP officer was gunned down and the tape to the patrol car was made immediately available and all involved parties were named. This has not been the case in Vallejo California where there have been 5 police killings so far this year.
The computers and internet of all parties standing up for justice for Mario Romero have been hacked denying access to media outlets, The family home where the slain man lived has been revisited by the Vallejo Police Department but not to offer condolences.
It has been revisited by officers shinning the same bright lights minus the guns that they shinned into the windows that very night that Mario Romero was Brutally murdered, windows dow,n laughing taunts about him deserving to die.
In an attempt to intimidate and silence the family from seeking justice for injustice.
We are all human and deserve to be treated the same. Somehow the Vallejo California Police Department does not agree.
They believe that it is okay to profile, Bully and intimidate the citizens of Vallejo California because they don't believe that anyone cares.
this is plea for everyone to take notice of the continued tragedy that is going on in Vallejo California. We want justice for Mario Romero and all of the citizens of Vallejo California who have been murdered and harassed by the Vallejo Police Department. "something has to be done immediately!
this could be you or your loved one.
It is imperative that the word gets out about the the corrupt actions that have been accepted by the officials.
Please repost and share with you family friends and community

Voices of the Movement for Justice

Rev. Harris, Uncle Bobby & Minister Keith Muhammad Speaks At Vallejo Town Hall Meeting After Mario who was shoot at 30 times by Vallejo Police. Mothers and fathers who kids were killed by Cops came together and spoke out!![]

Police cover their abuse in hand with a national network

2011-10-04 "The Blue Wall Of Silence"
What is “The Blue Wall of Silence”?
The term “Blue Wall of Silence” also known as the “Blue Shield” first triggered in New York, United States []. This unwritten code can generally be defined as: “A rule among police officers not to report on another officer’s errors, misconducts, and or crimes when questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another colleague, during a course of an inquiry”.
Every country has a police force to enforce its laws and ensure that public peace is maintained overall. In a democratic system of government, the police are expected to maintain public order without violating a citizen’s civil or human rights. The idea that in a democratic country the police do uphold civil liberties and do not violate human rights is not necessarily accurate. The Blue Wall of Silence can be one of many contributing factors that help police officers uphold the deviance involved in their department.
The Blue Wall of Silence symbolizes the loyalty among police officers within the force []. To maintain this loyalty an officer may be forced to neglect the presence of police brutality which can hurt the victims by preventing them from getting justice. Moreover, the Blue Wall of Silence and police brutality have been and continue to be, protected and facilitated by the police culture.  A mutual link then can be made between police culture and police corruption, which makes this topic significantly interesting.
According to Maurice Punch (2009), corruption in policing generally refers to: an officer perceptively doing or not doing something that is contrary to his/her duty for some form of financial or material gain. In most cases, it is geared largely in the direction of bribery and individual gain in return for favors.
Research has been collected through previous cases involving police misconduct that caught the media’s attention and went global, for example the New York Police Department []. In New York City, some police officers have been associated with the Blue Wall of Silence that led to the Mollen Commission in 1994 []. Mollen’s mandate was to examine and investigate “the nature and extent of corruption in the Department; evaluate the departments procedures for preventing and detecting that corruption; and recommend changes and improvements to those procedures”.  The Commission found that officers falsified documents such as arrest reports, warrants and evidence for an illegal arrest or search and they justified themselves by believing that this was not corruption but yet another way to “get the job done”. The Mollen Commission concluded by saying “The pervasiveness of the code of silence is itself alarming”.
During the course of my web audit, using the Google search engine, I entered the term “Blue Wall of Silence” and received approximately 3,950,000 hits with content extending from dated to more recent incidents. The first page consisted of information from the Wikipedia [], News Media Articles [], Multimedia [], and from former NYPD Police Officers that went against the code [].  I found the Wikipedia – the free encyclopaedia provided a good definition on the term and provided a direct link to the Mollen Commission, which made it easier to understand the whole phenomenon that took place in New York City.
Additionally, I found the first page is restricted by a lack of academic articles. However, found it interesting how there are a range of perspectives with respect to this topic. For example, the first page consisted of a link where a police officer spoke out regarding the issues associated with the unwritten code, within his department. Furthermore, this topic can be controversial towards the public’s eye and we can start to ask questions, Can this Unwritten Code The Blue Wall of Silence be broken?

Punch, Maurice. (2009). Police Corruption Deviance, accountability and reform in policing. Willan Publishing. Devon, UK.

What is meant by the Blue Wall of Silence?
The Blue Wall of Silence is the name used to describe the unity exhibited by Police officers in an aim to limit their co-operation when the accused is a police official. It is neither a morally justifiable act nor is it a legal act.
Experts say that the Blue Wall of Silence symbolizes the fierce loyalty among police officers. According to NPR’s Eric Westervelt, the idea of the impenetrable ‘code’ came into existence when a Haitian immigrant was tortured in custody at a Brooklyn precinct. In reality, the Blue Wall of Silence was built by Jerome H. Skolnick who reported the case in April 2000.The trial that began on May 4 of four New York policemen in connection with the August 1997 brutalization of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima took two surprising turns. In the second week of the trial, three NYPD policemen took the stand to support the prosecution's charges that one of the defendants, Officer Justin A. Volpe, had sodomized Louima with a wooden stick in the restroom of the 70th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. The three cops, breaking through the notorious "blue wall of silence," testified that Volpe had boasted of the crime, and they offered accounts supporting aspects of the charges. The fact that three cops had testified against another cop in a police brutality case took the media by storm. Then, the second surprising turn was that, Volpe decided to plead guilty to the charges. This confession shocked the community at large who felt that these killers in blue uniforms cannot be reformed but must be removed from our communities. Media reports said that the three cops who testified against Volpe were emboldened to cross the "blue line of silence" by the mass protests against police brutality that followed the murder of Amadou Diallo. Thus the Blue Wall of Silence came into existence.
The Blue Wall of Silence, does not have an official existence. This is not a written code. John Diedrich in the Milwaukee Sentinel article titled “Wall of Silence Not Breaking” calls it the ‘unwritten code of silence’. By common reasoning, it is easy to connect the existence of police brutality with the Blue Wall of Silence. Where there is police brutality, the issue of the Blue Wall of Silence coexists. Hence it can be concluded using deductive reasoning that the Blue Wall of Silence exists at all levels of the police. The existence of the Blue Wall of Silence affects the prisoners who face police brutality, as well as the righteous police officers who try to tear down the Blue Wall of Silence.
The case of Frank Jude Jr. merits special attention in this context. Frank Jude Jr., was savagely beaten Oct. 24 by a dozen men who, witnesses said identified themselves as off-duty police officers. This was a case in which the officers’ testimony became crucial. This is a case when the Blue Wall of Silence affects the life of Frank Jude Jr., a victim of police brutality. According to New York Daily News, Barry, a 16-year veteran of the force, contends she was demoted and brought up on disciplinary charges after whistle-blowing on the truancy unit of the Queens South Task Force in 1998. Barry was demoted, assigned to midnight tours and accused of failing to supervise her unit. She was further labeled by other cops as a ‘rat’."Cops will tolerate psychos, alcoholics, wife-beaters, dweebs and geeks, but they will not tolerate rats. Period," said Tony Bouza, chief of the Minneapolis Police Department from 1980 to 1988. In this particular case, the Blue Wall of Silence has affected the life of a righteous police officer, Barry.
The above instances show that the Blue Wall of Silence hurts the victims of police brutality by preventing them from getting justice and the righteous police officers who are punished for choosing to cross the Blue Wall of Silence. It protects the police officers who perpetuate the crime of brutality.
The Blue Wall of Silence is thus a barrier to the course of justice. It does more harm than good because it destroys the image of the police officers in the public eye. Supporters of the Blue Wall of Silence argue that police officers have friendships and allegiances among colleagues, much like workers in any office and these officers depend on each other with their lives. It can be reasoned that a police officer honoring the Blue Wall of Silence is merely following the instructions of his seniors. As such there can be nothing morally wrong in it from the viewpoint of the police officers.
Another police officer justifies the ‘code’ saying that it is the result of changing role of the police officer. The police of today are trained to look out for drugs and terrorists. They are trained differently in recent times. By heavily arming them, they are expected to be more aggressive in their jobs thereby promoting police brutality.
By indulging in police brutality, such officers commit crimes. When, in respect of the Blue Wall of Silence, colleagues maintain silence in this context, they are actually acting on the side of the criminals and hence will be considered as supporters of the crime. Thus, in the eyes of the public and the prisoners, it would be unethical for a police officer to protect his colleagues on the pretext of the Blue Wall of Silence. The Blue Wall of Silence, created by the media to define the unwritten code of police officers to protect offenders of crimes amongst their colleagues has become a hotly debated issue in the light of deaths due to police brutality. While protecting culprits within the police force, this Wall has been a barrier to obtaining justice for the victims of police brutality. It can be predicted that there is every chance that this Blue Wall of Silence can be finally broken by the powerful roar of the media in the voice of a communicative and aware public.

2009-06-21 "The blue wall of silence: Officer Mike Cox believed in the system. Until he was brutally beaten by fellow cops in an arrest gone wrong, and the Boston police covered it up" by Dick Lehr from "Boston Globe"
This excerpt is from the new book The Fence: A Police Cover-Up Along Boston's Racial Divide, by Dick Lehr. Available this month from HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright©2009 by Dick Lehr. Now a journalism professor at Boston University, Dick Lehr was a Boston Globe reporter for nearly two decades. Send comments to
During the immediate aftermath of his beating at the hands of fellow officers, Mike Cox's first instincts were true-blue. The severity of the thrashing notwithstanding, Mike got that it had been a terrible mistake. His family was angry, but he couldn't see making a federal case out of it. Friends from the department's gang unit came by the house the first week to check on him. He wasn't up for talking much, but he listened. He heard gossip that the brass was giving those responsible some time -- a grace period of sorts -- to come forward before any kind of intense internal probe was begun. The tidbits gave Mike the idea this was going to get settled in a way he preferred both personally and as part of the fraternity himself -- quietly and within the organization. "I felt this loyalty to police in general," he said. He was optimistic, knowing full well police officers tended to protect another suspected of misconduct. But he also believed this went beyond any unspoken code of silence. When the victim was one of your own, it was a different ballgame.
Mike was figuring that within days he'd hear from the cops who'd beaten him. He was counting on an apology. "I expected the individuals to come forward and say what they had done." They'd get disciplined in some fashion. Then they'd all move on.
Mike didn't expect his wife, mother, and sisters to understand any of this.
"In the beginning, I had a lot of faith," Mike said.
On Friday, February 3, nine days after his assault, the first newspaper story ran mentioning Mike in connection with the capture of four murder suspects. The Herald's early bulldog edition hit the streets not long after midnight and was usually read by the cops, firefighters, cabdrivers, and anyone else working in the dark. The story said Mike had been injured and the department was investigating whether he'd been beaten.
Before dawn the telephone rang at the Coxes' house in Dorchester. Mike turned carefully and grabbed for the receiver by the bed. He heard a voice grumbling. The voice was unfamiliar, and Mike had to hold the receiver away from his ear when the grumbling grew into a primal scream. Then it stopped. The caller hung up. Mike was puzzled, but didn't think much of the weirdness. He and Kimberly tried to get comfortable again.
Then the telephone rang again -- and again. Each time Mike picked up the receiver to hear the same animal-like scream. Toward daybreak, the caller asked for someone by a name that made no sense.
Mike asked the caller, "Who?"
"You [expletive]," the caller yelled. Then the voice swore at him again.
The line went dead, and that was it. The calls ended. Mike and Kimberly weren't going to puzzle too much over it, not with all they had going on in the family, given Mike's condition.
Later in the morning, a friend of Mike's called to tell him about the newspaper coverage. The story, a mere 289 words long, ran on Page 16 and carried the headline "Alleged Beating of Undercover Cop Probed." It reported that the department was looking into the possibility that "an undercover police officer was beaten by other officers at the height of a chase following a shooting last week." It was the first public disclosure that Mike had been a casualty in what so far had been heralded in the media as a night of sterling police work. Would the truth now begin to come out about what had actually happened at the fence on the dead end in Mattapan where the chase concluded?
Mike read on: "Officer Michael Cox, 29, a member of the Anti-Gang Violence Unit, suffered kidney damage and head wounds in the Jan. 25 incident, which occurred as police pursued four suspects for a shooting at a Roxbury eatery, sources said."
Mike found himself thinking about the crank calls. They were clearly connected to the story. He might be reading the story for the first time at midmorning, but Mike knew that cops working the overnight shift often grabbed the city's two morning newspapers.
The caller, Mike decided, was not random, a nobody -- he was a cop who'd read the news story. He would never be able to prove it, but he knew it in his bones. Mike felt panic. He knew the call was a warning: Keep your mouth shut.
The story itself presented another puzzle for Mike. In it, police sources were quoted as saying they were trying to sort out what had happened. One police source said, "We have no official complaint yet. Michael has not come in and said he was beaten up."
"No official complaint?" thought Mike. The notion that police investigated violent assaults only after the victim filed a formal complaint was flat-out absurd. The department was making it sound as if the ball was in his court -- to both pursue the case and solve it.
Then a story about him in the Globe only added to his anxiety. The story reported police officials were "trying to determine how plainclothes officer Michael Cox was injured in the line of duty last week." But comments by the spokesman were misleading, if not outright false. "We're not sure -- and he's not sure -- how he was injured."
Mike was confounded. The stories were like a punch in the stomach. Officials were saying his injuries were serious but they didn't know how he got hurt.
Then came this: "There is no assumption of any wrongdoing yet."
No assumption of wrongdoing? Mike couldn't get past that line. It was nine days since he'd been beaten, and everybody knew he'd been beaten -- mistakenly, perhaps, but he was beaten, and the beating was overkill, a case study of excessive force. But officials telling the public, "There is no assumption of any wrongdoing" did not sound like a department determined to get to the bottom of the beating of one cop by other cops.
When the stories about Mike ran in the Herald and Globe, Mike's family jumped all over them. They saw the stories as clear-cut evidence the Police Department was in coverup mode. They said, We told you so, Mike. You have to do something. Mike agreed to meet with an attorney one of his sisters had found. His name was Stephen Roach, a 45-year-old civil trial attorney. Roach had just started his own firm downtown. He had been practicing law for just over a decade, competently but without fanfare.
Roach showed up at the Coxes' in early February. "I just wanted him to leave as fast as possible," Mike said. He had met with Roach mainly to placate his family, but the meeting did last long enough for Mike to realize Roach was an outsider. "He knew nothing about the Boston police," Mike said. "He had not worked for them, and he didn't seem to be part of that culture."
But, for Mike, this was good. He had privately begun to question the low-key nature of the department's response. Maybe his family was on the right track. Maybe the "grace period" was not so much time to allow the wrongdoers to step up as to enable a coverup to take root.
Several nights after the meeting with Roach, the calls started again. "Virtually every night," Mike said. Sometimes the caller didn't say a word; other times he screamed or swore. Mike became convinced the caller was a cop using a kind of blunt force -- the linguistic equivalent of a nightstick or flashlight -- to keep him down and silent. But if that was the intent, the harassing calls had the opposite effect.
"It helped me to focus," Mike said. "This was not just gonna go away."
One September night eight months after the beating, Mike jerked upright and leaned over the back of the couch. He thought he'd heard something outside. But his street was quiet. His unmarked police cruiser sat in front of his house, untouched.
He'd taken to sleeping on the living room couch after finding a tire slashed one morning when he left the house for work. Over the next few weeks the other three tires were cut up. His car was clearly targeted; it was the only one on the street that was hit. Mike was certain cops were the culprits, cops who'd adopted yet another technique to communicate what they thought of him, "that I was becoming some type, you know, of rat." In the police world, tire slashing was known to be one way cops expressed displeasure with one another.
The harassment accelerated as officers began receiving subpoenas in late summer to appear before a Suffolk County investigative grand jury. Mike had gone back to work in July, and his return wasn't going well. "I'd just walk into a room and, you know, people look at you like you're dirt." Some commanders reassured him his beating was unacceptable, but the talk was empty, particularly when he could see actual suspects still on the job. No one had yet been disciplined, despite the lies the investigation had already established. Instead, the crank calls continued, albeit with breaks. Once a crew of Boston firetrucks arrived in the middle of the night, apparently summoned by a false report that the Cox house was ablaze.
Now there were the tires. When Mike lay back down on the couch, a video camera, pointed out of the living room window, continued making its slow, whirring sound. The camera was aimed straight at Mike's cruiser. The car's shadowy image was displayed on a monitor attached by cables to the camera.
Boston police anti-corruption investigators had installed the camera. It was a primitive setup, requiring Mike to "do a lot of rewinding and setting up of this equipment, turning it on and off." Kimberly was put off by the whole thing. To her, the clunky equipment was a token, even patronizing response: "I didn't think that was a serious attempt for them to find out who was doing this." In fact, it became a symbol for how the couple viewed the overall investigation -- halfhearted, bungled, and wanting.
By early fall, Mike had seen enough. He'd always believed in the system, but he now felt it had fallen short. "I was failed by the Police Department," he said. Mike decided he was on his own in the search for justice. "I had to do something," he said, "regardless of what the DA's office or the Police Department was going to do." The continual harassment, rather than a deterrent, had become a prod. "I decided, along with my family, that I needed to find out, you know, who was involved, who did this."
Mike hired Steve Roach, and in late fall, he sued. He sued his fellow cops, his Police Department, and his city. He said his civil rights were violated when Boston police officers repeatedly beat and kicked him until he blacked out. He took on the police culture of silence and said his assailants joined others in a coverup.
Mike was in metamorphosis -- moving from cooperating victim in others' investigations to aggressor in the quest to hold his assailants accountable. He'd been a punching bag that night at the fence, and he'd felt like one ever since.
"It was humiliating what happened to me," he said. "There's no reason to treat anyone like that. And then to just leave them. And if they do it to me -- another police officer -- would they do it to another person if they got away with it?
On December 31, 1995, an estimated 1 million revelers turned out for Boston's First Night activities. For the occasion, more than 200 Boston police officers and 91 police cadets were deployed to keep the city's record of a festive and peaceful New Year's Eve intact. "We're going to keep this a safe and enjoyable way for people to celebrate," Mayor Tom Menino promised beforehand.
Mike Cox was not feeling particularly celebratory. His lawsuit against his police colleagues and his department could cost them their jobs, monetary damages, and "it could send them to jail." Mike now wrestled with a new fear: He'd become a troublemaker, and the quickest way for those troubles to end was "by me not being on this earth." That was the way Mike Cox's year ended -- believing his life was at risk. He'd been a cop for six years and knew the score. He understood his lawsuit meant he was locked in combat against the police culture, and, by taking it on, he had become the enemy. ยช

Friday, November 2, 2012

Father Say Vallejo Police Shoot His Son In the Head, Shoot Son Arms Off & Shoot Son Feet Off
Father Micheal Say Vallejo Police Shoot His Son In the Head and shoot his son arm off and shoot his son feet off. You must look at the VIDEO AND SEE THE KILLING!!!!! Father tells the story that his son had three bullets holes in his head while he wipe off the makeup off his face while he laid in the coffin. You must see the video on you tube The citizen in Vallejo is under attack by the Vallejo Police. When will the FBI come and Investigate the Vallejo Police Department..????

Videos about the class-action law suit against Vallejo Police

"Rev. Harris Stands With Guy Jarreau's Mother From Louisiana To Announce Class Action Law Suit" []:
National Network In Action President Rev. Harris Stands With Guy Jarreau's Mother From Louisiana To Announce Class Law Suit Against The City of Vallejo Police.

Protest over Police Shootings 10/15/12

Civil Right Leader Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr Does Candlelight Vigil For Guy Jarreau 10-11-12 Part #1
Civil Right Leader Revl Floyd D. Harris Jr Does Candlelight Vigil ( 10-11-12 ) Part 1. Guy Jarreau Was Shot And Killed By Vallejo Police. This Is His Mom Standing In The Alley Where Guy Was Smoked By The Police.!!!!!!
We Will Never For Get How They Took This Brother " LIFE "

Guy Jarreau Family Is Exposing The Corruption On Who Was Paid Off To Cover Up The Murder Guy
Guy Jarreau who was murder by the Vallejo Police. Guy mother has not receive the police report. This family as and the community have been demanding justice for Guy Jarreau. The day of the murder the Vallejo Police took cameras and other items at the crime sceen and have not return it back to the family. Why is the Vallejo Police Killling young black men? The Vallejo Police Department is averaging at least 1 murder a month.

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2012-10-17 "Mama's Cry for Resistance in the Killing Fields of Vallejo"

by Al Osorio from "POOR" magazine []:
 Last night's Town Hall in Vallejo drew a large crowd, at least eighty people - almost entirely people of color - filling a room at the North Vallejo community center. Cephus Johnson and his wife sister Beatrice X spearheaded the event, part of plans to specifically help the families of police murder victims in Vallejo while also incorporating them into the struggle of so many other black and brown families who have suffered at the hands of police violence. Needless to say fathers suffer as much as moms, however in so many cases moms have done the majority of the child rearing and thus bear the brunt of the pain of loss as well as the responsibility of seeking justice within a racist system with the odds stacked against them. Uncle Bobby (Cephus) unveiled the term MoM, Mobilization of Mothers. Sister Beatrice shared how she is a mom but can only imagine how much suffering this inflicts on a person. She recalled watching sharing a hotel room with her sister in law Wanda at the time of the Johannes Mehserle trial, observing her so consumed by pain she had difficulty getting up to answer the door.
 Minister Keith Muhammad spoke well, his words resonating with the audience. He related the struggles to get the DA to charge Mehserle, and how video evidence was what enabled them to turn a corner and get a measure of justice. As Uncle Bobby stated often, it was history but not victory. Each mom spoke of their loss, their pain, their fight for justice. Their courage. And not just moms, dads spoke too.
 Some brought us to our feet to clap as we witnessed their defiance in the face of overwhelming loss and pain. After they stood back to allow another mom to talk, we also witnessed what the love and the will for justice costs them. The quiver in the voice, the tears shining in the eyes, the body shaking as she is overcome by the endless agony of her baby stolen from her, dissolving into sobs as she is comforted by clergy and other moms.
 It's never easy to see a mom cry.

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Announcement of a Class-Action lawsuit against the City of Vallejo

Announcing a Class Action Law Suit against City of Vallejo
Date: Oct. 15, 2012
Time: 12noon
Location: Vallejo City Hall 555 Santa Clara St, Vallejo, CA ( Steps of City Hall )
Press Contact:
Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr. (559) 803 - 0286
Vallejo CopWatch []
There will be a Class Action Law Suit file against the Vallejo Police Department for the past Murders citizens of Vallejo (with indications of a systematic cover-up). Many Citizens of Vallejo are saying "enough is enough" of losing their children's future to the Vallejo Police.
Guy Jarreau, jr., who was murdered by the Vallejo Police, had been filming a music video for his college's culture club about non-violence in a Vallejo alleyway along Sonoma blvd., and was shot in the chest by two plains-clothes Vallejo PD Officers for no apparent reason according to the many eye-witnesses on the scene. Andrea Jarreau, Guy Jarreau jr.'s mother, has came from Louisiana to announce the Class Action Law Suit, which will be joined by many families of victims of this grave injustice of street-executions of innocent community Citizens. There has been a large number of African Americans, and members of other nations within our multi-cultural community, who are all supporting this effort.
 We must continue to Educate, Motivate, Energize, Organize and Mobilize and take our community to a higher level.

2012-10-11 "Rev. Harris Stands With The Mother Of Guy Jarreau's!! Family Announces Class Action Law Suit" []:
Aundrea Jarreau's Griffen, the mother of " Guy Jarreau, comes to Vallejo, CA every month from Louisiana to fight for JUSTICE for her son who was murder by the Vallejo Police Department. The family tells the Mayor Osby Davis his time is up. The Vallejo Police Departmetn has not return items to the family that was taken for the crime area. The mother read off a list of name of people who lost there lives to the hands of the Vallejo Police Department. The Vallejo city is getting national and International attention on how the Vallejo Police Department is killing young black men. Since May of 2012 there have been 7 police officers shootings and 5 have been fatal. The families and community around the word is watching the Vallejo City. The community has camera NOW!!!!!!

2012-10-15 "Class action lawsuit" press conference

2012-10-16 "Protest and tears continue over police shootings in Vallejo" from "Vallejo Independent Bulletin"
Yesterday, Rev. Floyd Harris and friends and relatives of Guy Jarreau and Mario Romerro were present for a press conference and protest on the steps of Vallejo City Hall.
Harris, who is president of the National Network in Action and an organizer of Vallejo Copwatch called for the protest. Among other things, he stated that the Nation of Islam has taken up involvement in the issues in Vallejo.
Speakers called for wearable cameras to become mandatory for Vallejo police.
Jarreau's cousin Bernice indicated that involved parties will be pursuing a class action suit.

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2012-10-13 "Civil Right Leader Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr Does Candlelight Vigil For Guy Jarreau (10-11-12 Part #1)"
Civil Right Leader Revl Floyd D. Harris Jr Does Candlelight Vigil ( 10-11-12 ) Part 1.
Guy Jarreau Was Shot And Killed By Vallejo Police.
This Is His Mom Standing In The Alley Where Guy Was Smoked By The Police!!!
We Will Never For Get How They Took This Brother's "LIFE"

A voice of inspiration...

MALCOLM X: "The Police Are Working With the Criminals", excerpt of  a lecture given during his time with the Nation of Islam, 1960s. As true today as it is in any age. Power corrupts, unaccountable power corrupts absolutely.