Monday, September 24, 2012

Vallejo Man Filming Police is Threatened (2011)

This video shows that Vallejo police has broken the law by taking his phone and then arresting him... 
He has the right to file a lawsuit for the camera filing and violation of civil rights, as it is an illegal detention.
Check out this video on YouTube:  

2011-04-22 "Man Filming Police Threatened"
by "The Alyona Show" from "Russia Today" news
Lonnel Duchine, a Vallejo California man, was handcuffed and fined for shooting cell phone footage of police while standing in his garage. Filming a police officer is not illegal, at least not in California. It's just one of the latest cases where police get caught on camera, and the photographer ends up in handcuffs. Shouldn't the public have the right to document the police's actions?

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